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Bortellina or “burtlena” in the local language, is a kind of fritter, made with water and flour. It’s one of the most typical and popular dishes of Piacenza.

Every village has its own recipe, so there are several delicious variations.
The recipe of Bettola, which gained De.Co. recognition, looks like a golden, crispy and puffy fritter. It’s prepared with flour, water and yeast and cooked with lard in a pan.
It’s delightful when it’s warm, together with typical pruducts from Piacenza, such as coppa, salame, pancetta and cheese.

Because of its poor ingredients, Bortellina has ancient origins. Some sources explain that Bortellina was eaten in Bettola yet in the 19th century.

In the ’60s the master Gino Pancera, the president of Pro Loco established a festival devoted to this simple dish.


  • 1 Kg. of flour
  • 20 gr. of yeast
  • 100 gr. of lard
  • salt
  • water(even lightly sparkling to make the product softer)

A single raw Bortellina is about 10 g, with the foretold doses you can make about 100/110 bortellinas.


Mix a bit of flour with half yeast, make a little loaf and leave to rest.
When its volume has doubled, heap the flour and add the leavened loaf, salt and the rest of the yeast in the centre.
Mix all together and leave to rest for 10 minutes.
Put a pan with a lot of lard on the fire.
Take small pieces from the leavened loaf and give them a round shape; put them into the hot lard for about 3 minutes and they’ll be ready!

The version from Bettola looks like a golden puffy fritter, empty inside.
It’s perfect when it’s golden, crispy and not too oily.
Bortellina is delightful with typical products from Piacenza, such as coppa, salame, pancetta and cheese.

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