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Anvein”, that is “anolini alla piacentina”, are different from similar stuffed pastas typical of other places, mainly because they have as a fundamental ingredient of the filling the “stracotto alla piacentina”(overcooked) and they are cooked in a “brodo di terza”, a broth that is made with beef, capon or hen and veal sleeper.

We do not know the exact origin of this delicious dish but we do know that it is mentioned in lunches and prestigious situations; it is still today the Christmas dish par excellence in the whole Piacenza area.

Curiosity: in the past it was customary to pour some red wine in the broth to make the so-called “surbì”.

In June 2010 the “anvein” was recognized as a Municipal Denomination of Origin; the recipe that was deposited is by Carmen Artocchini.


Main dish

It is mandatory
For the dough:

  • not less than 8 eggs per kilo of flour

For the filling:

  • 600 gr of beef for the stew: cheek, rib or partridge150 gr common home-
  • made breadcrumbs
  • at least 300 gr mixture of grana padano and parmesan cheese

For the broth

  • broth “in terza”: beef, chicken or capon and veal

It is allowed

  • the addition of fresh pork neck(coppa) to be added in the stracotto(overcooked)
  • variations in the ratio between the two cheeses
  • variations in the number of eggs or yolks and flour in the pasta, where the
  • resence of a part of remilled semolina is not excluded.


Prepare the stracotto, splinting the lean meat (mücc) with two cloves of garlic, brown it in butter to which you will add a spring onion, a stalk of chopped celery and carrot, salt, pepper, drugs and then the red wine (and if necessary the broth) and cook slowly for five and more hours until the liquid is almost completely absorbed.

Chop the stew with a mincing knife; with the sauce left in the pan, boil the breadcrumbs and mix in the finely chopped stew, the eggs, the grated Parmesan cheese and the nutmeg until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

With the flour and the eggs prepare the dough, roll it out into a thin sheet, place on one side many small balls of filling, 5-6 cm apart, fold the dough so as to cover the filling and cut with the classic metal shape the anolini that, once ready, will have the shape of a small crescent moon or, folded , of bicorni (cappel da pret o da múnag).

Cook them in the traditional broth and serve them sprinkled with good grated grana cheese.

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