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PULEINTA E GRASEI (Polenta with pressed cakes of fatty pork) DE.CO.

Municipal denomination De.Co

Typical dish handed down from the peasant civilization, polenta and cracklings(pressed cakes of fatty pork) known as puleinta e grasei, is still found on tables in Piacenza, often accompanied by cooked salami.
Polenta has represented for a long time the base of the diet of the peasants who populated the countryside of the lowlands. The addition of pork satisfied the palate giving an excellent accent of flavor to a poor dish.
It obtained the Municipal Denomination of Rottofreno in 2011.


Second course

Ingredients for 8-10 people

1 kg of local corn flour
5 lt of water
400 gr of crumbled cracklings (pressed cakes of fatty pork)
400 gr of chopped onions
Olive oil (1/4 glass)
1 tablespoon of lard
1 glass of dry white wine (Ortrugo)
salt to taste


In the boiling, salted water, pour the yellow flour by sprinkling it, turning the mestone always on the same side for about an hour. Slowly stir in the finely chopped onion over a very low heat. Add the coarsely chopped cracklings and pour everything into the pot ten minutes before the end of the polenta cooking time. Stir well and pour over the tafferia.

Serve hot accompanied by sausages or cooked salami.

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