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ANELLO DELLA VAL CURIASCA(Curiasca Valley excursion)

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foto Comune Coli

The Anello della Val Curiasca(Curiasca Valley Ring) route starts from Coli, a village located on a promontory at the foot of Mount S. Agostino, which dominates the view of the upper Trebbia Valley.
Surrounded by nature amidst green pine forests, chestnut woods and stone houses, it is an area of considerable landscape and historical interest. From the pastures of Monte Aserei, the Curiasca stream crosses the valley of the same name until it flows into the River Trebbia .

Curiasca Valley Ring: the Route

From the square in Coli (639 m), trail marker 141 marks the asphalt road to the playground and swimming pool. Here it becomes a cart track and, in tight bends, descends to cross on a small bridge the Curiasca stream that flows into the Trebbia at San Salvatore, a couple of kilometres further down.

We climb the wooded slope of the Rio Curiasca, known as the Rio di San Michele, on a beautiful mule track, partly paved. A sign indicates the diversions to the Grotte di San Michele (635 m), where, according to legend, San Colombano(St Columba) died in 615.

Having come out onto the ridge, now at altitude, trail 141 runs alongside a power line and, along an easy cart track, climbs to Case Cimarini and Costiere (964 m) at the junction with trail 137 (which continues on to Monte Zuccaro and Marsaglia). Along an asphalt road we pass Barche with its characteristic stone houses and Roveri (1,014 m.) where path 141 ends.

With trail marker 139, we descend to the Fossoli mill, then climb again to Cornaro (957 m.). Back in the woods, we descend among ancient chestnut and beech trees to a small bridge over the Rio Magrini (594 m).

Here there are still the remains of a watchtower of the Castello dei Magrini, which stands on a rocky spur. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the small hamlet from which it takes its name, in a dominant position on the valley floor. From here you have a direct view of the overhanging palace-castle of Faraneto and the Sanctuary of San Medardo di Peli.
The asphalt road leads through Boioli before reaching the church of Coli again.

Route km 16
Minimum/medium difficulty
Walking time approx. 6 hours

In order to tackle the itinerary briefly narrated here, it is always recommended to be equipped with suitable maps.
Coli (Bobbio) 29022

Piazza San Francesco - Bobbio