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Parco Regionale Fluviale del Trebbia – Trebbia regional river park – is 30 km far from Trebbia river and covers the area from Rivergaro to Po confluence, on the western border of Piacenza urban area. Its landscape is dominated by Trebbia river bed, which is particularly important for migratory birds, and by river terraces where prairies and shrubs give way to traditional farmlands and extractive activities. 
Trekking routes have not all been completed so far, but in order to open to the public the most interesting areas of the Park, the organisation team has planned some themed paths on foot. Visitors can read descriptions distributed along the way, with information on the rich flora an fauna in the Park and its history. 

TREKKING ROUTES: Percorso Airone Start: Centro visita di Camposanto Vecchio, Borgo Trebbia - Piacenza Time: 2 hours Length: 3,5 km From Centro visita in Camposanto Vecchio an easy path unwinds for 3,5 km along the main river bank, towards Po confluence.  On your way back, you will access the pebbly river bed to reach a birdwatching post and then walk along an area that is being renaturalised with prairies and spontaneous shrub hedges.    Percorso Corriere Piccolo Time: 1 hour Access: Rivergaro, Pieve Dugliara Difficulty: easy. This is a ring path along Trebbia river and down to Rivergaro village. It is perfect to understand the difference between the pebbly river bed and river terraces, and observe their typical plant species.    Percorso Occhione Time: 2 hours Length: 3,5 km Access: Gragnano Trebbiense - Localita' Casaliggio This path begins in Gragnano Trebbiense towards the new picnic area on the left river bank, from which you can reach a birdwatching post that oversees the pebbly river bank.    Percorso Orchidea Time: 1 hour Length: 1,5 km Access:  Borgo di Rivalta - Gazzola parking This itinerary unwinds on an untarmacked road forbidden to vehicles, and moves along the barren area that characterise the river bank. Sometimes the path goes near Rio Comune on the left.    Percorso Picchio Time: 2 hours Access:  Borgo di Rivalta - Gazzola parking This path is composed of two different paths leading down on the hill where Rivalta Castle stands. They lead to the wood of oaks and hornbeams where roe deers and woodpeckers live, and to the river terrace below together with Rio Comune river bed that begins here. 
Piacenza, Gragnano Trebbiense, Rivalta, Rivergaro
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