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Villages and Castles
At the end of via Fontane del Duca there is an open space, once enclosed by ancient walls that have been destroyed. The 20 m…Discover more
Religious architecture
Vernasca’s ancient church is in a panoramic position over the river Arda and is traditionally recalled as Pieve (parish Church).It is dedicated to San Columba…Discover more
Museums and Galleries
Inaugurated in 1975 at the ground floor of a small building built at Maria Luigias time, it illustrates, by means of meaningful material and a…Discover more
Monuments, Squares and Palaces
Wholly enclosed and extending for over 10.000 Sq.m., there are several very old, even secular trees (as witnessed by Counts Ottaviano, Carlo and Cesare Barattieris…Discover more
Villages and Castles
Lying in the Placentianum Pliocene hills, its a prefectly preserved medieval village and has recently been included in the circuit Italy’s most beautiful boroughs ….Discover more
Since the end of the XVIII century, on the clay soils of the south area around the Appennino chain of Piacenza, many fossils appeared from…Discover more