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The invention of the Grana Padano cheese has its origins from the wit of the Cistercian monks, who managed to bonify the entire Padanian Plain, favouring the development of the cattle breeding. The milk production exceeded the daily milk request of the people, so the only way to storage it was to make middle and long ageing cheeses. The Grana Padano Dop is an hard cheese, it’s made by the milk from the cows feeded with green forages, preserved in compliance with the requirements of the Grana Padano specification.

The natural ripening of the moulds takes place between 15° to 22° C, for a specific time, which can be from a minimum of 9 to 20 months. During the 8th month, the moulds are checked and branded.

The Grana Padano Dop is one of the most known and appreciated cheese all over the world. The hard rind has to be smooth and thick from 4 to 8 mm, its colour is a shade from the dark to the natural gold yellow. The dough is fine grained, white or straw yellow in colour and with the help of a knife the dough it’s going to breaking into flakes. The aroma is fragrant and the flavour delicate.

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