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Outdoor itineraries
This itinerary enables to explore some Valleys in Piacenza’s province that are not very crowded, but nevertheless beautiful.The track is a ring developing along the…Discover more
Walks, cultural itineraries
Piacenza is situated in a strategic location of the Po Valley; this peculiar characteristic has been recognised since its Roman foundation, and the passage and…Discover more
Outdoor itineraries
Only fee minutes away from Rivalta, towards Travo, there is the splendid area of Croara with its century-old wood of deciduous trees on the side…Discover more
Food and wine itineraries
This 150 km long trail goes along the four main valleys of Piacenza’s Apennine, thus meeting different traditions, cultures, history and genuine tastes. As to…Discover more
Outdoor itineraries
The Sentiero del Tidone (from Po to its spring) is a 69 km footpath that passes through 2 Regions:- Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. It starts in…Discover more
Outdoor itineraries
More than 300 fortified buildings including towers, houses, strongholds and boroughs can be found around Piacenza hills. The majority of these are private property, others…Discover more