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San Damiano, a little village in the municipality of San Giorgio Piacentino, it’s located 20 kilometers from Piacenza on the right bank of the Nure…Discover more
Industrial archaeology
Recently restored by the municipality, the monumental complex of the kilns of Ponte dell’Olio was constructed from 1890 by the Azienda Calce Val Nure to…Discover more
Industrial archaeology
Its a cylindrical building, made of bricks and fire bricks, used at the beginning of the 20th century to preserve products: it was filled with…Discover more
Monuments, Squares and Palaces
The Institution Palace, former seat of the School of Arts and Crafts, is in the Snake Square. The palace was built at two different times:…Discover more
Why precisely a wrought-iron rooster as the symbol of Grazzano Visconti? The craftsman Leonardi, reading the Gospel, was struck by the passage in which the…Discover more
On the walls of the houses in Grazzano Visconti, there is an inscription – decoration  with a cryptic and mysterious meaning, it’s set close to…Discover more