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Municipal denomination De.Co
Pissarei e faso”, a poor dish par excellence, is a typical from Piacenza. Its origin is uncertain, but very old: it seems to date back…Discover more
Municipal denomination De.Co
Sprelle (empty fritters) are the typical sweet of Carnival; a celebration which, throughout the centuries, has always been deeply linked to the food aspect of…Discover more
Municipal denomination De.Co
The tradition of the “Turtlitt ad Sant’Antoni” has its roots in an ancient time linked to the village of S.Antonio in Trebbia (Piacenza) and to…Discover more
Municipal denomination De.Co
Horsemeat, whose use is surely ancient, has undergone in the course of time many ups and downs. Popes Gregorio III and Zaccaria I, for example,…Discover more
This is a typical dish of the area of Bobbio and Cerignale, made with a few ingredients typical of poor cuisine. The first weekend of…Discover more
Municipal denomination De.Co
Typical dish handed down from the peasant civilization, polenta and cracklings(pressed cakes of fatty pork) known as puleinta e grasei, is still found on tables…Discover more